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At WaterSportsWhiz, we love hearing from our readers! Whether you’ve got a question about one of our articles, need more information on a product that we have reviewed, or simply want to share your latest water sports adventure with us, we’re always ready to listen!

Reaching out to us is simple. You can drop us a line by mail, give us a ring on the telephone, hit us up on social media, or shoot us an email. You can even fill out the contact form below.

We’ve however refrained from communication via Morse code or smoke signals because, frankly, our Morse is a bit rusty, and we tend to set off fire alarms with smoke signals!

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When it comes to emails, we have a few options available depending on your reasons for contacting us. Please select the one that best addresses your query from the list below;

  • General Inquiries: Have a general query, question or need our help and support? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line at
  • Media and Press Relations: Have a press release, media inquiry, or a marketing opportunity that could make a splash? We’re all ears at
  • Careers: Fancy diving head-first into a dynamic, water-loving team? Send your CV and an introductory letter downstream towards
  • Partnerships: Got an innovative idea for collaboration or interested in a business partnership? Can’t wait to hear your proposal at
  • Feedback and Suggestions: Remember, your feedback is the buoy that keeps us afloat in our voyage towards continual improvement. Let us know how well we’re swimming or if we need to adjust our strokes at

We’ll do our very best to get back to you within 24 hours. Just a heads-up though, our clock runs on traditional business days from Monday to Friday.

Address, Phone Number and Social Media

In a world filled with constant digital distractions, we understand that some people prefer good old traditional methods of communications. With that in mind, you are more than welcome to reach out by sending us a letter in the mail.

Alternatively, if you prefer to talk, then feel free to pick up the phone and give us a friendly call – we love a good chat here at WaterSportsWhiz HQ.

Water Sports Whiz

2892 N BellFlower Blvd, #1206,

Longbeach, CA 909015

United States

+1 (562)-283-4796

However you choose to reach out – be it by letter, call, or carrier pigeon-rest assured, your contact details are safer with us than grandma’s secret pie recipe. We’ll use your information solely to respond to your specific question or request, nothing more.

Your contact information will never be shared or used to bombard your inbox with unsolicited mail. We swear by the sacred pinky promise… and everyone knows you can’t break a pinky promise!

We hope to talk with some of you soon!

The WaterSportsWhiz Team

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    We hope to talk with some of you soon!

    The WaterSportsWhiz Team