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Kayaking in Washington state
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Sam OBrien

Kayaking In Washington DC – 8 Must-Paddling Spots In & Around The Nation’s Capital

Washington, DC, is known for many things – namely, its museums, memorials, the National Zoo, and the Metro. And let’s not forget that it’s also the home of the political …

What muscles does stand up paddle boarding work
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Sam OBrien

What Muscles Does Paddle Boarding Work?

If you’re new to paddling sports, you’re probably convinced that it’s primarily about arm strength – and I wouldn’t blame you for it. Most people assume the same thing.  When …

What are Paddle Boards Made Out Of
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Sam OBrien

SUP Construction Explained – What Are Paddle Boards Made Of?

Many factors will play into your SUP’s performance, weight, durability, capacity – and, ultimately, price tag. And SUP construction is one of those factors.  What are paddle boards made of, …

Paddle Board Size Chart
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Sam OBrien

What Size Paddle Board Should I Get: SUP Sizes Explained

You want a SUP that is stable and capable of supporting your weight. But you also want a board that is maneuverable, relatively fast, and able to provide an overall …

Kayaks For Hire - Boat Shed On River
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Sam OBrien

Kayak Rental – Everything You Need To Know About Renting Kayaks 

There are many reasons to make kayaking a part of an active lifestyle – the mental and physical benefits being some of them.  That doesn’t mean that you should buy …

Sam - Water Sports Whiz

Who Is Behind This Site?

Hey, I am Sam. one part of the three man team here at WaterSportsWhiz.com.  For the past 20 years I’ve been progressively discovering the world of water sports.  Trust me when I say that I’ve only barely touched the surface, the subject is as deep as it is wide.

Boats & Boards

best Tandem inflatable kayak on shore

Best 2 Person Inflatable Kayak – Top 10 Inflatable Tandems In 2022

Inflatable kayaks are generally a great starter option. I mean, why would you spend money on a full-sized hardshell kayak when you can get reliable performance, lightweight construction, and portability of an inflatable – and at a fraction of the cost, too?  Two-person inflatable kayaks only prove my point:  Hard-shell …

Equipment & Accessories

A pile of kayak paddle on the beach close up.

Best Kayak Paddle: Supercharge Your Kayaking Experience – Top 6 Kayak Paddles Reviewed

So, you have brought a kick-ass Kayak but what about the Paddle? After buying your Kayak, your choice of Paddle is the most important decision you need to make. Having the right kayak paddle can make the world of difference to your experience out on the water. It is the …

Knowledge & Know-How

Dog wearing a life jacket sitting in a kayak

Kayaking With A Dog – A Practical Guide For Paddlers Turned Pet Parents

Eyes darting from side to side, soaking up the breathtaking sights and sounds, with the tongue hanging out; if paddling is that exciting for you, can you even imagine how much your dog would love it?  Yes, you can kayak with a dog – and it can be insanely fun …