Best modular kayaks - 6 snap kayak reviewed and rated

Best Modular Kayak Review – Top 6 Options To Consider In 2023

If you’ve never encountered a modular kayak before, you might find the concept a bit weird – but fascinating, nonetheless.  I get it; that’s how I felt about these, too.  These kayaks are a “middle ground” of sorts, combining the benefits of inflatables – namely, their space-saving designs and straightforward … Read more

Plus Size Life Jackets and PFDs

Best Big And Tall Life Jackets – 8 Plus Size PFDs

Water sports are generally incredibly inclusive. Nine times out of ten, your size and weight won’t stop you from participating in things like kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding.  But I’m afraid the same can’t be said for life jackets.  The thing is, everyone keeps pointing out how absolutely vital it … Read more