Best Kayak Trolling Motor Mount: Top 8 Secure Motor-Mounting Solutions

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There are many reasons why kayakers might want to fit their kayaks with trolling motors and send their trusty paddles into temporary early retirement: 

Lacking strength for covering longer distances or moving kayaks weighed down by additional gear, reaching desired destinations faster, freeing up your hands to focus on fishing; it’s a long list. 

But if you’re going to do it, you’ll need the best kayak trolling motor mount that’s robust, strong, and durable enough to secure it in place. 

That’s often easier said than done, though – which is exactly why I put together this guide! 

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In A Rush? The Winner After 43 Hours Of Research:

Brocraft Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

Brocraft Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

Our Rating: 5/5 Stars

Why is it better?

  • Constructed out of marine-grade aluminum alloy and nylon to ensure durability and rust-resistance 
  • Universally-fitting and compatible with virtually any fishing kayak that has dual rod holders 
  • Allows you to side-mount most electric trolling motors to the kayak without any modifications 
  • Rated for motors with up to 35 pounds of thrust 
  • Can be adjusted to accommodate right- and left-hand motor operation, varying hull widths, and mounting angles 
  • Comes with fishing two rod holders to replace the ones used for installation 

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Kayak Trolling Motor Mount 

powerful kayak trolling motor mount with motor and handle

Most’ yaks weren’t designed to accommodate a motor. When it comes to the primary driving force behind the average kayak, paddling is still king. 

In instances where using a trolling motor is an option, you have to consider where and how you’ll mount one – and pick the best trolling motor kayak mount for the job: 

A reliable one that fits your kayak and ensures safe motor operation. 

What Size Is Your Kayak Trolling Motor? 

Before we dive deeper into the whole “what are the best kayak motor mounts” discussion, take a second and think about the motor you’ll be mounting to your kayak. 


Well, for starters, the motor’s size dictates the compatibility with the mount. Other features – including weight, shaft length, and thrust – also play a role in whether a specific bracket is suitable for your ‘yak or not. 

On that note, you must follow the mount’s maximum thrust limit – and weight rating, if it has one – to a T. 

Getting a motor mount that’s too small for the actual motor could lead to failure under stress, causing hull damage, loss of motor, or even injury. 

Not yet brought a trolling motor? In that case, be sure to check out my recommendations for the best kayak trolling motors on the market today.

How Important Is Construction Quality Of A Kayak Motor Mount? 

Quality construction is the determining factor for the durability and overall performance of all kayak motor mounts – and should never be overlooked. 

You already took the time to pick out the best kayak trolling motor; you must choose a motor mount that’s up to the task, too. 

You might think that you’re saving a few bucks by opting for a cheaper – and often inferior – kayak motor mount kit. But in reality, poorly-made kayak trolling motor mounts carries a whole host of potential risks: 

The mount could fail, sending your kayak’s trolling motor straight into the water. It might not handle the motor’s weight, power, and vibrations well, causing damage to the engine – and, quite possibly, the kayak. 

Or it might suffer saltwater damage if it’s not constructed out of corrosion-resistant materials, like fiberglass or anodized aluminum. 

You get the picture. 

Where Will You Mount The Motor & Will It Fit? 

You obviously want to get the best trolling motor mount for your specific kayak – as in, one that’s compatible and doesn’t require permanent modifications. 

I mean, it won’t do you much good if you can’t install it. 

So, in case you were wondering, yes, compatibility is crucial – and you should always double-check if the mount works with your kayak or not before investing money in it. 

That’s only part of the story, though: 

You should decide where you want the trolling motor to go – do you want to mount toward the bow, near the stern, or off to the side of your kayak? 

Think about how you’ll be using the kayak, the specific motor mounting locations it offers, and what placement feels most comfortable to you. You don’t want to have the motor mounted somewhere where it interferes with other things, such as paddling, casting, or reaching gear. 

Does The Kayak Motor Mount Include Necessary Hardware? 

This one probably doesn’t seem as significant as the factors I talked about previously. However, having the right hardware readily available when you’re installing the kayak trolling motor mount should be one of your top priorities, too. 

Mounting a trolling motor on a kayak is relatively easy, but a lack of suitable hardware can quickly turn that around, making the otherwise simple process more frustrating than it needs to be. 

That’s mostly a concern with universal kayak motor mounts, though. 

Oh, and while you’re at it, check if it comes with – or requires – any additional accessories, such as: 

  • Steering control arm extension 
  • Battery storage box 
  • Fishing Rod holders 
  • Camera mount 
  • GPS and fish finder mounts 
  • Fastening clips for dry storage bags 

Most of these aren’t must-haves but can drastically increase the general functionality of the motor mount. 

Make Your Own DIY Trolling Motor Mount For Kayak 

Diy Kayak Motor Mount - Tool laid on work bench

Some of you are surely considering making their own DIY motor mount – be it to cut down on the costs or customize it to your liking. 

Whatever the case may be, here’s what you’ll need for the project: 

  • Two 1×6 boards
  • One 2×4 board 
  • Two 3/4-inch PVC pipes
  • Mounting bracket or plate 
  • Securing straps 
DIY Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

If you’re all set and ready to get to work, you’ll find the instructions on making a homemade kayak trolling motor mount outlined below. 

  • Measure the available mounting space to determine the required length of the 1×6 and 2×4 boards. Also, measure the diameter of the scupper holes and choose the PVC pipe diameter accordingly. 
  • Leave the 2×4 slightly longer than the 1x6s, which should fit the mounting space’s width when cutting the boards.
  • Mark the distance between the scupper holes onto the 1×6 board – the one that will be flat on the kayak’s deck – and cut two holes to fit the PVC pipes. 
  • Glue and screw the two 1x6s together at a 90-degree angle. One should sit flat on the deck, and the other should be positioned vertically, with the 2×4 attached on top and sticking out on one end. 
  • Secure the joins between the 2×4 and the 1×6 with mounting brackets or plates. Add one to the extended end of the 2×4, where the motor goes. 
  • Attach the PVC pipes so that they’re perpendicular to the vertical 1×6 and 2×4 boards. Use the straps to secure the PVC pipes. 

All that’s left to do now in the installation process is to attach your DIY trolling motor mount with one 1×6 secured against the deck and the PVC pipes fitted into the scupper holes. 

That doesn’t seem too hard, right? 

However, without adequate knowledge, experience, and tools, there’s a chance you might ruin your kayak or motor in the process. Keep that in mind if you take the DIY route.

Best Kayak Motor Mounts Reviews – Top 8 Recommendations For 2020 

1. Brocraft Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

Brocraft Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor Mount
  • Award: Overall Best Kayak Motor Mount 
  • Rating: 5/5 Stars 
  • Price: 5/5 Stars 

Brocraft’s kayak motor mount ticks all the boxes – and yes, there’s enough proof to back it up: 

The saltwater resistant marine-grade aluminum alloy and nylon combo ensure durability and corrosion-resistance and can handle 35 pounds of thrust. 

It’s a universal-fit mount that doesn’t require any modifications. As long as there are two rod holders for it to slide in, tighten the clamps, secure the straps – and you’re good to go. Plus, its multiple adjustment points mean it can easily be configured to fit different hull widths, mounting angles, and left and right-handed users. 

How’s that for flexibility? 

It might not be the most budget-friendly kayak motor mount – but it’s worth every penny. 

Technical Specs 

  • Aluminum alloy and nylon construction 
  • Weighs 7.9 pounds 
  • For most side-mount trolling motors 
  • Recommended 35-lb thrust capacity 


  • Fits kayaks with dual rod holders 
  • Accommodates different hull widths, angles, and right- or left-hand operation 
  • Includes two rod holders 
  • Secured with two tie-down straps 


  • Might not be suitable for every kayaker’s budget adjustment
  • It’s not built to withstand higher speeds 
  • Requires lots of adjustments and tightening before use 

Corrosion-resistant, quick and easy to install, highly adjustable, and suitable for any kayak with dual holders for fishing rods – Brocraft made one heck of a kayak trolling motor mount. 

2. ProControll EZ Mount Trolling Motor Mount

ProControll EZ Mount Trolling Motor Mount
  • Award: Best Budget-Friendly Kayak Trolling Motor Mount 
  • Rating: 4.5/5 Stars 
  • Price: 5/5 Stars 

If you can’t afford Brocraft’s mounting kit, ProControll EZ kayak motor mount might be a better choice. 

The fiberglass-reinforced nylon and stainless steel hardware make it rust-proof and suitable for harsh saltwater marine environments. Moreover, it provides secure mounting for transom-mount trolling motors with up to 50-pound thrust capacity.

ProControll’s “fight the fish – not the trolling motor” motto is a good indicator of its ease of use: 

Installation doesn’t require tools or modifications; it’s held in place by screw clamps. Plus, it features an adjustable underside exterior bracket that accommodates any hull contours. You can fit a motor anywhere on the kayak – especially side or bow. 

Technical Specs 

  • Fiberglass-reinforced nylon construction 
  • Weighs 5 pounds 
  • For use with a transom-mount electric motor 
  • Recommended 50-lb thrust capacity


  • Mounts to the kayak’s side or bow 
  • Adjustable exterior bracket fits any hull contours
  • Simple no-tools installation 
  • Large, ergonomic knobs 
  • Reasonably priced and universally-fitting 


  • Not the best choice for sit-inside kayaks
  • Takes some practice to get the tension set right 
  • Bigger than expected and takes up space

This budget-friendly ProControll EZ motor mount is a hard-to-beat deal for anyone looking for a universal-fit kayak trolling motor mount that won’t break the bank. 

3. RAILBLAZA Kayak Motor Mount 

RAILBLAZA Kayak Motor Mount
  • Award: Best Customizable Kayak Motor Mount 
  • Rating: 5/5 Stars 
  • Price: 4/5 Stars 

If you prioritize versatility and customization options, check out RAILBLAZA’s kayak motor mount: 

It boasts impressive construction quality, combining the anodized aluminum, UV-stabilized reinforced plastic, and stainless steel in one durable package. 

Moreover, it comes with StarPort HD base mounts and accommodates RailMount 32-41s, so it’s compatible with various RAILBLAZA accessories, such as; camera mounts or rod holders

It fits most kayaks, too – although not without some drilling, which could make installation daunting for a newbie. Compatibility-wise, it works with most transom-mount trolling motors, including Minn Kota, MotorGuide, Watersnake, and Torqeedo. 

I couldn’t get any info on the maximum bearing, but it seems to handle 30-pound thrust well. 

Technical Specs 

  • Anodized aluminum and plastic construction 
  • Weighs 4.8 pounds 
  • For most transom-mount trolling motors
  • Recommended 30-lb thrust capacity 


  • Quality materials that are suitable for saltwater use 
  • RailMount allow for extra customizations 
  • Includes mounting fasteners and two StarPort HDs 
  • Well constructed installation instructions 


  • One of the more expensive trolling motor mounts for kayaks
  • No so easy to install – installation requires drilling holes in your kayak 
  • The mount’s maximum weight-bearing isn’t specified 

Sure, it’s pricey – but the extra customization options that RAILBLAZA’s kayak motor mount offers with RailMount and StarPort HDs are worth every penny. 

4. Beavertail 2000 Series Stealth Motor Mount 

Beavertail 2000 Series Stealth Motor Mount

The next one is Beavertail’s 2000 Series mount that allows you to fit a 2-horsepower trolling motor – or a small outboard motor – to your duck hunting kayak. 

It boasts aluminum construction and weighs 6 pounds, so it does feel pretty sturdy and reliable. What’s more, it’s relatively easy to install to the side of your’ yak – once you replace the short bolts, that is. 

Unfortunately, it’s only compatible with Beavertail’s Stealth Boat 1200, so I can’t recommend it for other duck hunting kayaks. 

Another thing that bugged me – this is a safety issue more than anything else – is that it uses plastic hooks and wing nuts. 

Technical Specs 

  • Aluminum construction 
  • Weighs 6 pounds 
  • For up to 2 HP trolling motors 
  • Recommended thrust capacity not specified 


  • Works with electric and small outboard motors
  • The simple clamp-on design ensures quick installation  
  • A suitable choice for Beavertail’s duck hunting kayak 
  • Sturdy aluminum construction 


  • The included bolts are too short for secure mounting 
  • It uses cheaply-made plastic hooks and wing nuts 
  • Only compatible with Stealth Boat 1200

Although compatibility isn’t a strong suit of Beavertail’s 2000 Series kit, if you own the Stealth Boat 1200, this is the motor mount to get.  

5. Watersnake Kayak Motor Bracket 

Watersnake Kayak Motor Bracket
  • Award: Best Mount For Small Electric Trolling Motors
  • Rating: 4.5/5 Stars 
  • Price: 5/5 Stars

Watersnake’s kayak trolling motor mount boasts composite construction and a universally-fitting design, meaning it works for most kayaks – and even canoes – with no further adjustments needed. 

It attaches to the ‘yak using a four-screw base plate – which is pretty standard – but the three-axle design allows for excellent mounting flexibility. This level of adjustability is a definite plus. 

However, it seems that motor compatibility isn’t that impressive: 

It’s compatible with small electric trolling motors up to a 24-pound thrust and a 25-millimeter shaft diameter; heavier motors and higher speeds aren’t an option. Moreover, I found that it works best with Watersnake’s electric motor specifically. 

Technical Specs 

  • Aluminum and nylon construction 
  • Weighs 2.9 pounds 
  • For electric motors with up to 24-millimeter shaft diameter
  • Recommended 24-pound thrust capacity 


  • Universal design and lightweight construction fit most kayaks 
  • Designed for use with an electric trolling motor 
  • Excellent mounting flexibility 


  • Only suitable for lightweight – preferably Watersnake – electric motors 
  • Performance in high-speed durability tests could be better 
  • Comes with poor instructions for assembly and installation

Although it has a limited 24-pound thrust capacity, Watersnake’s motor mount is more than fitting for a lightweight electric trolling motor – especially a Watersnake one.

6. Brocraft Inflatable Kayak Electric Motor Mount 

Brocraft Inflatable Kayak Electric Motor Mount
  • Award: Best Inflatable Kayak Motor Mount
  • Rating: 4/5 Stars 
  • Price: 4/5 Stars 

Yes, mounting a trolling motor on an inflatable is doable – but expect the structure and mechanics to be different. Consider this Brocraft inflatable-friendly option: 

The mount’s constructed out of marine-grade aluminum – for the most part, anyway – and features a nylon motor clamp, which is pretty standard. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t utilize built-in rod holders or requires any modifications. It relies on two-sided glue-on pads, instead – so need to be purchase any replacement rod holders with this motor mount

Installation takes seconds – or however long it takes for the glue to dry – and can be adjusted to fit different hull widths. 

It doesn’t feel sturdy at higher speeds – but what can you expect from a glue-on motor mount kit? 

Technical Specs 

  • Saltwater friendly marine-grade aluminum construction 
  • Weighs 7 pounds 
  • For most side-mount electric motors 
  • Recommended thrust capacity not specified 


  • Marine-grade aluminum motor mount 
  • Attaches to PVC inflatable kayaks using two-sided glue-on pads 
  • Two-sided nylon-protection motor clamp
  • Adjustable to fit different hull widths 


  • You’ll have to purchase glue separately 
  • Tends to feel a bit flimsy at higher speeds 
  • There’s no way to guarantee a secure fit 

If you have an inflatable kayak and modifications aren’t an option, then glue-on attach-and-go kayak motor mounts – like the Brocraft – might be the way to go. 

7. Lifetime Kayak Motor Mount 

Lifetime Kayak Motor Mount
  • Award: Best Motor Mount For Lifetime Kayaks
  • Rating: 4.5/5 Stars 
  • Price: 4.5/5 Stars 

Why take your chances with a universal kayak motor mount when there’s one designed for Lifetime kayaks? 

Granted, it’s only compatible with Sport Fisher and Manta models – but maybe that’s what you need. 

It’s constructed out of heavy-gauge aluminum and powder-coated for additional corrosion resistance. The mount fits most 12V trolling motors with up to 40 pounds of thrust and includes a dedicated battery strap – although not a particularly well-made one. 

Bonus points for easy installation: 

The mount doesn’t require drilling or additional hardware. Instead, it utilizes securing straps and an aluminum locking pin – without any issues with shifting or vibrations. 

Technical Specs 

  • Heavy-gauge aluminum construction
  • Weighs 6.8 pounds 
  • For most 12V trolling motors 
  • Recommended 40-lb thrust capacity 


  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Installation doesn’t require drilling or the use of screws
  • Includes a battery case and securing straps
  • No issues with shifting or vibrations 


  • The battery case only fits deep-cycle batteries 
  • The battery strap seems insufficient 
  • Not compatible with all Lifetime kayaks
  • Might affect your kayak’s weight distribution 

If you have a Lifetime kayak – more specifically, Sport Fisher or Manta models – this easy-to-use Lifetime kayak motor mount with battery case is what you need. 

8. Intex Motor Mount Kit for Intex inflatable Kayaks

Intex Motor Mount Kit for Intex inflatable Kayaks
  • Award: Best Motor Mount For Intex Kayaks
  • Rating: 4.5/5 Stars 
  • Price: 5/5 Stars 

Lastly, you might want to consider this motor mount kit made by Intex to fit Intex’ inflatable ‘yaks specifically – including popular fishing kayak models such as the Challenger, Mariner, Seahawk, and Excursion.. 

Intex are one of the few inflatable kayak brands to manufacture their own kayak motor mounts.

The mount’s composite marine-grade construction combines heavy-duty plastic and aluminum support arms, meaning it’s pretty much rust-resistant. It’s supposed to go to the back end of your Intex kayak, where it can support up to 3.5-horsepower trolling motors – getting you to your favorite fishing spot in no time as all.

Plus, installation is a breeze as it’s super easy to attach and detach when needed – although you shouldn’t do it when the kayak’s fully inflated. Also, I’d recommend using hitch pins instead of the included screws and nuts.

Technical Specs 

  • Marine-grade composite construction 
  • Weighs 5.5 pounds 
  • For up to 3.5 HP trolling motors 
  • Recommended 30-lb thrust capacity 


  • Heavy-duty composite mount with aluminum support arms 
  • Compatible with most newer Intex inflatables
  • Fairly easy assembly and installation process


  • Vibration tends to shake the nuts loose 
  • Better to use hitch pins to secure the mount 
  • Harder to attach to a fully-inflated kayak

If you want to equip your Intex inflatable kayak with a trolling motor – gas or electric – this Intex-specific motor mount is a safe bet! 

Final Thoughts Regarding The Best Kayak Trolling Motor Mounts 

A trolling motor is an indispensable addition to any kayak – especially on a fishing kayak. But as you know by now, such upgrades call for a reliable, easy-to-install kayak motor mounts. 

I hand-picked some outstanding motor-mounting kits for you, weighted up the pros and cons of each, but out of all of them, the Brocraft Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor Mount stood out as the top choice. 

What makes it the best kayak trolling motor mount out of the bunch? 

It has a universal-fit design and can be installed in virtually any kayak that features dual built-in rod holders. Drop it in, tighten, and go; it doesn’t get easier than that. Moreover, it’s highly adjustable, allowing you to set it for right- or left-handed use, different mounting angles, and varying hull widths. 

I’m telling you; it’s a fantastic motor mount overall!  Say bye, bye to paddling!

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